Magic mornings

Mornings are the BEST, don’t you agree? 🙄 No, seriously. 🙄🙄 When I was drinking, I wasn’t a morning person. I wasn’t a night person. I wasn’t a person, come to think of it.

When I was drinking, I dreaded mornings. I’d wake up hungover, tired, moody, and feeling defeated before the day had even begun. The mere thought of coffee made my stomach flip flop. A morning sweat sesh before work? Yeah, right. If I didn’t need to get in the shower immediately upon waking, I’d stay in bed until the last possible minute, making my mornings rushed and myself stressed.

When I was drinking, I’d have ripped you a new one if you woke me up before 8am. Only go-getters carpe diem-ing were up at the crack of dawn. That lifestyle annoyed me for no reason other than it made me feel inadequate.

But things are different now. With booze out of the picture, not only am I growing into my sober self, I’m a bonafide morning person. I’m one of those people.

Today I was up at 6am. What the shit?! I’ve turned into my parents. 😳 With mild horror, I tried going back to sleep but my body just wasn’t having it. It wanted to move. And so, I stepped outside, greeted the rising sun, and went for a run.

The peaceful quiet of a neighborhood not yet awake, streets without cars and sidewalks sans people—my favorite kind. The air clean and crisp, the sun’s golden rays reaching like tentacles to warm what the night left cold, birds chirping unseen in trees above, and the sweet, sweet smell of jasmine and anise.

An hour later I was home again, with a happy heart and another hour all to myself. ☕️

Do you ever find yourself doing something and think, “This is great, I should do this more often”? Yeah, me too. You ever regret a workout? Yeah, me neither.

Since getting sober, I’ve come to cherish my mornings. The early hours are my favorite time of day, a fresh start, the slate wiped clean of yesterday, another chance at everything and anything.

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