Bring life back to your life

Feeling satisfied and happy-tired on a Sunday night.

My weekends are longer since I stopped drinking. At least it feels that way. They used to go by lightening fast. And it’s no wonder, I usually spent one of the two days on the couch, hungover AF, and then BAM—Monday.

How I used to despise Sundays; head on sideways because of what I’d done to myself the day(s) before; a million and one todos rocketing reminders across my brain every two seconds, making me feel like a piece of shit for just laying there, like a piece of shit; and exhibiting the same amount of enthusiasm for the impending week as a feral cat facing a bath.

But now I have two whole days! That’s double what I had before. And I’ve been living the hell out of them, too. I spend more time out of the house now that I’m not drinking! Friday nights excluded, of course. 😉

This weekend was no exception—and I was surrounded by booze the entire time; a beer festival (my first one sober), a comedy show, and an A’s game (also my first one sober). If I were drinking I would have hit it hard, especially at the beer festival and baseball game, so having both as “sober firsts” the same weekend is pretty freakin’ cool. 😎

Shout out to Hop n’ Barley Festival, BTW, for providing $5 tickets for us non-drinkers vs. $40 for the “full experience.” First time I’ve seen a beer festival do this, and I’ve been to a lot, so bravo. 👏

A friend asked me when we got to the festival if it was hard for me being there. I do miss it—the wristbands, the souvenir cups, sampling beer (ALL the beer)—but not enough to give up what I have now. I don’t need to drink to have fun. The festival is what was fun, and the comedy show, and watching the A’s sweep the Sox. Not the booze, and definitely not what comes after the booze.

What a world I was missing. What a life I was wasting. Life is meant to be lived, so get out there and live it.

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