To the rescue

One day shy of nine months of sobriety and I had a BIG hankering for a glass of red wine. You see, Husband and I played tourist for the day and went up to the city (i.e., San Francisco) to see the Ed Hardy exhibit (excellent!) at the de Young.

Afterwards, I suggested we have an Italian lunch in North Beach, my favorite neighborhood and old stomping grounds. What better to accompany a big ol’ bowl of pasta than a big ol’ glass of cabernet? I sat at the bar surveying the restaurant’s wine selection, my mouth watering. I recognized an old friend, Cline Cellars. And another, Robert Mondavi. “One glass won’t hurt.” I recognized the familiar words of a recovering alcoholic. But really, what’s one glass? It’s not like I’m going to get back into the habit of buying bottles at the grocery store. Right? 😬 If I am to be honest with myself, the answer is: I don’t know and I don’t want to find out.

Husband came to the rescue and in one swift move he had the menu in front of me and was pointing at the array of Italian sodas listed under Non-Alcoholic Beverages. I squealed with glee, and maybe even clapped my hands in delight. Italian soda! Of course! And so we both ordered, and enjoyed, cherry-lemonade sodas—with TWO cherries—and that was that.

There are three things here that I think are worth noting:

1. No matter how confident you might feel in your sobriety—I’m usually pretty damn confident—there are going to be some days you waver and don’t feel as strong as you think you should or are used to feeling. We’re only human and all have moments of weakness.

2. Surround yourself with people who support your sobriety. It might just make all the difference.

3. That “one drink” isn’t worth a potential relapse. Ever. Think it, squash it, move on. I can promise you this, you will never regret NOT drinking.

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