Forks down, everyone

I had a weird interaction with a friend at happy hour last night—and this is a not-so-great-picture of my yummy elderflower and blackberry lime soda. I’m still thinking about it—the interaction, not the soda—so, naturally, I’m going to write about it. I hadn’t seen Friend in over two months and was excited to catch up. We got to talking about my upcoming birthday—hello, 40!—and Friend … Continue reading Forks down, everyone

I don’t eat salad when I’m hungover

My ears did a double take when a woman shouted these words over her shoulder to her friend as she dashed to get in the lunch line. (It wasn’t the salad line.) I thought it funny and remembered one of my old “rules”: I didn’t eat salad when drinking. Something about the lettuce and the alcohol reminded me of milk and orange juice, and how … Continue reading I don’t eat salad when I’m hungover