F#ck me I’m 40 (and 7 months sober!)

I always imagined what my life would be like when I turned 40. What I would be like. Not surprisingly, it’s nothing like I’d imagined. I’m not either. I didn’t think I’d be separated, or back to apartment living—definitely not in the ghettoest-ass armpit of an otherwise desirable community—and I sure as HELL didn’t think I’d be sober. I thought my 40th would be one … Continue reading F#ck me I’m 40 (and 7 months sober!)

Kids these days

Drinking was fun for me and then it wasn’t. It became greedy, taking more than giving. Even so, I drank like a champion throughout my 20s and 30s. And with increasing frequency and secrecy. Drinking for “fun” usually meant: binging until my body physically said “no more” either by puking or passing out (or both), saying and doing stupid shit, blacking out, battling debilitating hangovers, … Continue reading Kids these days